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Posted on 21 Mar, 2015

You think that you have it all, the newest styles of pants or even maybe the most expensive neckties and bags but then you were surprised to see someone wearing cheaper or not the latest style but is better looking than you. What is happening? Simple, that man has all the must have work shirts and clothing.Remember that mens business shirts can't be simply determined by it's price and brand but on how you wear it and how you mix it with other accessories.Work shirts like formal shirts, t-shirts and even button-down shirts should not be aimlessly picked out on the store. You have to know how to wear it and it has to fit you properly.For example, a white button-down shirt is a classic piece that you can wear to almost any attire. Pair it up with a necktie and a navy suit and you are ready for the office.

Here are some must have mens work shirts you need to have on your closet to be ready to any occasions and events.

  1. Leather Jacket
  2. Cashmere V-Neck Sweater
  3. Cotton Jacket
  4. Navy-Blue Wool Jacket
  5. Striped Formal Shirt
  6. Silk Woven Tie
  7. White Button-Down Shirt
  8. Cotton Jeans
  9. Suede Shoes
  10. Black Leather Shoes
  11. Reversible Leather Belt

Now that you know that must-have list its time to find the perfect fit. Sadly, not every designer brands mens shorts have the same average size. Thats why a small can either be too loose or too fit. So, sometimes a custom-made shirts and clothing is better. Remember to dress up nicely and professionally at all times. You are the man.


Posted on 06 Oct, 2014

After finding the perfect looking and best fitting mens work shirts, what follows is taking proper care of them. This should help keep them looking new and prolong their durability. 

Laundry Instructions 

  • Ensure to undo all buttons before doing laundry as it reduces strain on stitches that hold the buttons in place.
  • Also, remove collar stays prior to washing as it prevents uneven wear on collar points. This will also save you also from having to find them in the drum after doing the laundry (Collar stays ought to be removed prior to dry-cleaning too!).
  • Turn all men's formal shirts inside out when washing. Doing so protects the mother of pearl buttons from chipping on steel drum. It also facilitates the soap powder acting on any under-arm stains more efficiently.
  • The laundry water should have temperature of between 40°C and 60°C and it helps to read label-instructions before washing formal shirts for men. Due to climatic effects, it might be necessary to wash them at even lower temperature, such as 30°C.
  • Dry your shirt on either an airing cupboard or a line, upon completing laundry as this prolongs its life. Avoid tumble-drying since the steel drum has tendency of wearing out points on cuffs and collar.


  • The recommended to iron a shirt made of pure cotton is when it is still slightly damp from washing. Men’s formal shirts might require spraying with a little water if dried out in an uneven manner.
  • Iron your shirt on a flat ironing board and avoid using a steam iron. Press down the section that you are ironing until dry and free from creases. Ensure that the iron’s temperature dial is set to cotton.
  • Men’s shirts are normally ironed starting with the collar, followed by cuffs, sleeves then front panels and lastly the back. Revisit any parts that crease during ironing. 
  • Make sure the collar is damp on both sides and iron the back first until flat and dry. 
  • Next, turn the collar over then repeat the procedure. Iron from point to centre as this minimises creasing on edge of collar. Try not using excessive amount of pressure when ironing collar tips, as these easily wear out during ironing. Ironing the collars of men’s work-shirts with collar stays inside is not advisable as it wears out the cloth at the collar points.
  • Cuffs should be unfolded or unbuttoned always during ironing and done the same way on both sides as was done with the collar. Ironing a double cuff while folded could create lines and make it split after some time. Avoid exerting excessive pressure over cuff edges or points.
  • The sleeves of formal shirts for men should be ironed from top downwards, creating a crease if desired.
  • Next, you should iron the two front panels of the shirt, followed by the back of your shirt.  Always ensure the shirt is completely unbuttoned before commencing this process.

If you have any more caring for mens shirts tips that you think we should add, drop us a line!