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Posted on 30 May, 2016

Mens Shirts Styling Tips

Our beautiful range of formal mens shirts online can also be worn casually by observing some simple rules. That said, you could find it to be slightly more challenging than just matching your favorite shirt with a pair of jeans. Keeping in mind a few considerations can ensure that you achieve a great casual look when wearing a formal shirt.


White button-down business shirts project a classic appearance when worn by any man. Wearing those featuring a fine weave, like broadcloth or poplin alongside sport coat easily transforms them into men’s casual shirts. They should however be tucked in to complete the informal appearance.


In general, the rule of thumb when wearing patterned shirts is that larger patterns appear more casual in style. A great instance of this compares gingham pattern to buffalo check. Oftentimes, Gingham gets worn in both formal and casual manner due to its fairly smaller check-size, whereas buffalo check is mostly employed as casual wear.


Collars of men’s casual shirts online come in varying sizes and heights, with taller ones appearing even more formal. This does not relegate shorter collars to the level of informal wear, since a collar of any height may be worn in formal style. Width of collar spread is yet another rule pertaining to wearing business shirts in casual manner. Generally, a formal shirt projects more casual look the narrower its collar spreads out. Pinning the collar-points down to the wearer’s neck keeps it looking even more polished and informal. One may wear a sweater or jacket over the shirt, or employ collar magnets to keep collar points from flaring out like a 70’s partying outfit. Another great example of collar reserved exclusively for formal wear is the white contrasting collar.


Barrel and French cuffs make up formality levels for cuffs. Whereas barrel cuffs are quite casual, French cuffs are rather formal. Barrel cuffs are slightly more versatile and acceptable for nearly any event except wedding or formal gala. The French cuffs have a brilliant appearance if worn during either of these formal events and equally suits casual suiting quite well. The most crucial aspect here is noting that French cuffed men’s casual shirts online need a jacket to project a consummate appearance.

Shirt Length

Rules pertaining to the various details mentioned above can be adjusted to reflect various informal dressing effects. However, those relating to shirt length are difficult to affect. Business shirts should always be tucked in, whereas men’s casual shirts shouldn’t. This implies casual shirts ought to rest just few inches or thereabout below the waistband or belt. Formal business shirts need to be sufficiently long as to cover the rear to facilitate their in-tucking in full. A long, un-tucked formal shirt gives the impression of being unplanned.

It is important to appreciate the objective functionality of when buying men’s shirts online, and  do your best to come-off looking sharp in various unique styles. You can play around with the rules of fashion to incorporate some personality elements and uncover your own taste.


Posted on 06 Jul, 2015

Business Shirt Styles for Men

They say don't judge a book by the cover. But we all know that first appearances matter and first impressions can make or break any professional or personal relationship. Sure, confidence comes from within but if it's covered by daggy unironed clothing it becomes a lot harder to be taken seriously and be respected.

They say don't judge a book by it's cover. But we all know that first appearances matter and first impressions can make or break any professional or personal relationship. Sure, confidence comes from within but if it's covered by daggy unironed clothing it becomes a lot harder to be taken seriously and be respected. Your shirt is the first item of clothing that draws the eye and it can make or break your outfit so it becomes vital to find your perfect fit.

There are a lot of details to consider - collar and cuffs, buttons, stitching and fit, colour and design. It may sound complicated but you only need to follow a few simple rules to feel like a boss even if you are only on your way to becoming one.

1. Get measured. A lot of mens business shirts are sold in simply small, medium, large etc. sizes which is fine but always make sure the size matches your measurements. If the collar is too tight or too loose, not only will you be uncomfortable but it will also ruin the whole look. As a rule, make sure you can fit one finger between the collar and your neck. Anything more than that indicates the work shirt is too big.

2. If you can afford it, go for slim fit and tighter cuts. The work shirt shouldn't hug you like a stocking but there is nothing worse than having it balloon over your trousers and add a couple of sizes. Be confident with slim fits - they look great and slimming even on bigger sizes. Slim fits are also ideal for taller guys. The cut is longer but the torso is smaller. There are also extra slim fit mens shirts available these days.

3. Pick shirts that stand out on their own and can take you from day to night. There are so many design and colour options these days that it's easy to get lost. Solid colour, plaid and striped have been the long term favourites but a new trend is emerging in Europe. European men love the simple coloured mens shirts with collar and cuff designs and contrast colours. These shirts look great under a suit during the day and add something unique for the night when you take off the blazer. Try some new colours and designs, stand out of a crowd, you want to be noticed!

4. No matter how great your shirt looks and fits you will still look terrible if you don't take care of it. Make sure your formal shirt is ironed and please, please, oh please, always tuck it in! You don't want to look like you just fished your shirt out of a dirty laundry basket and confused it with a mini dress for a second. These rules are crucial for a good look - iron and tuck in! It's not hard to find a great looking and well fitted formal shirt from a range of offered mens clothing. If you follow the few rules discussed you will always look great, feel amazing and there is only one way to go from there - up!


Posted on 06 Oct, 2014

After finding the perfect looking and best fitting mens work shirts, what follows is taking proper care of them. This should help keep them looking new and prolong their durability. 

Laundry Instructions 

  • Ensure to undo all buttons before doing laundry as it reduces strain on stitches that hold the buttons in place.
  • Also, remove collar stays prior to washing as it prevents uneven wear on collar points. This will also save you also from having to find them in the drum after doing the laundry (Collar stays ought to be removed prior to dry-cleaning too!).
  • Turn all men's formal shirts inside out when washing. Doing so protects the mother of pearl buttons from chipping on steel drum. It also facilitates the soap powder acting on any under-arm stains more efficiently.
  • The laundry water should have temperature of between 40°C and 60°C and it helps to read label-instructions before washing formal shirts for men. Due to climatic effects, it might be necessary to wash them at even lower temperature, such as 30°C.
  • Dry your shirt on either an airing cupboard or a line, upon completing laundry as this prolongs its life. Avoid tumble-drying since the steel drum has tendency of wearing out points on cuffs and collar.


  • The recommended to iron a shirt made of pure cotton is when it is still slightly damp from washing. Men’s formal shirts might require spraying with a little water if dried out in an uneven manner.
  • Iron your shirt on a flat ironing board and avoid using a steam iron. Press down the section that you are ironing until dry and free from creases. Ensure that the iron’s temperature dial is set to cotton.
  • Men’s shirts are normally ironed starting with the collar, followed by cuffs, sleeves then front panels and lastly the back. Revisit any parts that crease during ironing. 
  • Make sure the collar is damp on both sides and iron the back first until flat and dry. 
  • Next, turn the collar over then repeat the procedure. Iron from point to centre as this minimises creasing on edge of collar. Try not using excessive amount of pressure when ironing collar tips, as these easily wear out during ironing. Ironing the collars of men’s work-shirts with collar stays inside is not advisable as it wears out the cloth at the collar points.
  • Cuffs should be unfolded or unbuttoned always during ironing and done the same way on both sides as was done with the collar. Ironing a double cuff while folded could create lines and make it split after some time. Avoid exerting excessive pressure over cuff edges or points.
  • The sleeves of formal shirts for men should be ironed from top downwards, creating a crease if desired.
  • Next, you should iron the two front panels of the shirt, followed by the back of your shirt.  Always ensure the shirt is completely unbuttoned before commencing this process.

If you have any more caring for mens shirts tips that you think we should add, drop us a line!