the right business shirt – do’s and don’ts!

Selecting the appropriate mens business shirts could prove to be a somewhat complicated task. It is important to keep a couple of things in mind when choosing one.

Steps to choosing the right fit of business shirt for men.

  1. Choose a right color mens work shirts to suit you and your work environment. Think about your objective when buying your shirt. Conservative colors such as light blue, white and gray are the traditional choices. A bright or unconventional color like pink, bright orange, green or red business shirt makes for a popular selection when a man is trying to project a livelier image.
  2. Settle for a suitable pattern. People generally consider solid colors as wardrobe staples since matching them is easy. While a solid red business shirt can for instance offer good versatility, patterned shirts are slightly harder to match with ties.
  3. Select a good style. Slim-fit or tailored-fit men’s business shirts get slightly tighter around the sides and chest. Conversely, one that is of standard fit exhibits a slightly baggy, yet traditional full-cut form. The type of collar most common is the standard straight collar. Its edges point downward, providing some little space in-between the area where the collar meets. A spread collar is fairly modern and may be seen as somewhat effeminate and youthful. Its smaller yet wider spread projects wider appearance, making it suitable for slim-built men, though perhaps less for stockier men.
  4. Identify an appropriate type of fabric. Whereas linen shirts aerate well and are ideal summer selections of mens business shirts online, oxford cloth gets woven from heavier cotton yarn and thus bears a more rugged texture. You can buy business shirts online made of cotton to project a casual look, enabling you feel more comfortable.
  5. Determine your sleeve length and neck size. Almost any salesperson at a retail men’s shirt store can help you find the right length of sleeve and neck size, using a measuring tape.
  6. Choose the right cuffs for your business shirt. Button cuffs refer to single cuffs that get buttoned into place and are wrapped around the arm. Decide whether to obtain a single-button or adjustable version. French cuffs are a most formal choice, yet still ideal to wear on daily basis within a variety of industries, including finance.

In general, the following qualities apply when you buy business shirts online, regardless of size.

A good choice of mens business shirt should:

  • Allow one finger into the collar when buttoned
  • Have sleeves long enough to allow for raising the arms like wings, without necessitating pulling of cuffs down the forearm. Equally, they need to be sufficiently short as not to allow more than an inch of fabric to bunch near cuff when the arms hang.
  • Be sufficiently tight around wrist, such that the cuffs require unbuttoning to slip them off
  • Provide room within the waist and chest to pinch out between one and three inches of fabric (depending upon the desirable fit)
  • Have shoulder points extending to the shoulder-end and no farther

Well-fitted mens business shirts online should most importantly be comfortable to wear. While a looser fit will usually complement larger men, their petite counterparts find greater comfort wearing cuts that are more fitting. We hope that you now have a better insight into the do’s and don’ts when buying the perfect fitting business shirts online.

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