wear your polo shirts well

Polo shirts might be the most popular and easy to pair mens casual shirt out there but that is where you are wrong. Few wrong combinations might send you back to choosing t-shirts and formal clothing just to have both formal and causal. Remember that polo shirts can either be casual or smart or formal depending on how you wear it.

So here are some tips on how to wear your polo mens shirts right.

To button-up or not

Here is where most men are lost. You can either button your polo shirts up or not but it depends on the rest of your clothing. Buttoning up your polo shirts requires a better fitting pants and more careful choices for layering.

This will make your look formal or smart. Never button up while wearing loose or ripped jeans. You will look simply silly.

The Tuck-In

If you want to look like a 70 year old man on the way to the golf course, then by all means, tuck your polo shirts in.

The Color

White, black and navy are one the best safest color choices for mens polo shirts because you can pair it with anything. But try wearing bolder colors to create variety and fashion. However, be careful. Bolder colors mean more in-depth decision on where to pair it with.

Polo shirts are perfect mens casual shirts partner for your closet. You can buy men’s polo shirts online too and even find variety of designs, colors and styles that will surly compliment you and stay

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