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European fashion has always been a step ahead of the rest of the world. This is especially more evident in menswear. While the rest of the world’s male population lets women take the style spotlight with their bright, bold and often quirky clothing, European men give their female counterparts a good competition. Italians and French in particular, have taken menswear to a whole new level, often too risky for the rest of the world to follow.

Now, finally, there is a new trend that every man around the globe can pull off – reverse and double collars. Double (and often Triple) collars. Double and collar formal shirts are the new ‘it’ item in the men’s wardrobe. In essence, it’s literally a collar on collar design, or two collars layered over each other, usually in contrasting or complementing colours or designs. It’s versatility allows any outfit to go from cheap to chic in an instant. It’s a great business shirt for the office, perfect for dinner or a night out, and ideal for a weekend outfit.Make sure you go for more subtle colours for formal occasions and you can play with any wild colour combination for any other time.

Thanks to the bravery of European men in their clothing there’ is not a colour you can think of that is not available. Reverse collars Reverse collars are a little less noticeable than double collars at a glance but once it catches your eye you’ll be amazed and intrigued. It’s simply a collar with an extra fold that ends up pointing up instead of down. This allows designers to play with a little more colour in their styles yet keep the shirts looking professional.

The inside fold of the collar is usually a contrasting colour or pattern to the rest of the shirt. This little detail adds extra chic to your everyday boring business attire. These new collar designs are absolutely perfect for any occasion. You will never get more attention than when wearing a double collar or a reverse collar shirt on a night out. They will look great on their own or under a blazer or jacket, with tucked into pants or casual denim. These shirts will make a memorable impression on events like interviews, meetings or dates and you definitely want to be remembered on those. The demand for these new designs has been huge with design houses like Dior and street wear labels like Zara embracing the trend in their latest collections.

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