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Style Shirts is one of Australia’s leading providers of men’s business, casual, and formal shirts. Our aim is to provide Australian men with the most stylish and highest quality garments on the market. We source our range from various international providers and hand-select our garments to ensure that they are of the highest quality. At Style Shirts, you will find an extensive range that includes:

Mens Work Shirts Online

Our mens work shirts are made from 80-100% cotton and offer durability and comfort for a long day at work. We don’t carry work shirts that are short on style! Our range of stylish mens business shirts offer a perfect pop of colour or pattern for a night out on the town.

Mens Formal Shirts

Wedding, birthday, business presentation or any other formal occasion – we have you covered! From formal shirts with stripes, slim fit silhouettes and sharp whites to adventurous patterns and double collars you’ll find an ideal style for any formal occasion.

Men’s Business

When you have an important meeting with a high client profile you want to impress, we have the perfect shirt for you. Every businessman needs at least a few good business shirts in their wardrobe.

Men’s Long Sleeve

We stock an extensive collection of long sleeve casual and business shirts at our online store. We are proud to provide Australian men with shirts that are of amazing quality and style.



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A wide choice of mens business shirts are available to buy in our online store. Having an imposing and pleasing personality is a must in the corporate world. The mens business shirts collection at Style Shirts meets the requirements of present day mens shirt fashion trends. Clothing tells a lot about one’s personality and our stylish mens shirts are designed to let everyone express their own.

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If you have any further inquiries about our range of shirts, where we source them from, and our sizing options, please feel free to contact us. Email or send a message on our contact page and we will get back to as soon as possible.